Katie’s Kidz was founded by me, Katie Greene, when I was six years old.

While my dad and I were in Walmart, about two weeks before Christmas, I had an idea to deliver gifts to every sick child around the world. After I told my dad this idea, he said, “Well Katie, I think you’re going to need to talk to your mom about that.” So I did, and with my parents support I raised $162 in two weeks, by doing chores around the house and by getting donations from my grandparents. With that money, I went out and purchased two big bags full of gifts and we delivered them to Levine Children’s Hospital.

Since then, with the support of thousands of people, Katie’s Kidz has collected 49,160 fun, new gifts for hospitalized children in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia for a total of fifteen hospitals. In 2018, we collected over 7,000 gifts and added Augusta Children’s Hospital in Georgia, making this our biggest year yet!

This year, our goal is to deliver 9,000 gifts. With these additional gifts, we will be able to the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Virginia and Johnson City Children’s Hospital in Tennessee! In order to reach this goal, I need your support! Would you consider helping Katie’s Kidz put smiles on the faces of even more hospitalized children this year?

Katie’s Big Idea in December of 2007

‘OUR STORY’ told by Dean Greene, Katie’s dad:

It was December 14th of 2007, and Katie (age 6) and I were walking the aisles of Walmart shopping for gift ideas for a few especially challenging names on our Christmas list. Katie had stayed very close to me, but at the end of this particular aisle, I noticed she was no longer at my side. I looked back down the aisle, and there stood Katie holding a small toy. I noticed that she had picked up a “Care Bear”, one of a series of stuffed animals that was very popular at the time. I smiled and asked if the little bear was something she wanted for Christmas. Instead of responding to my question, she seemed a bit lost in thought. After a few long moments she said, “Daddy, if I could give one of these [toys] to all the sick kids, they’d feel better and they’d have a happier Christmas. And that’s what I want to do.” With those words, an adventure began that even now, more than a decade later, the story is still unfolding.

2007 | Katie’s First Year

Katie’s Kidz Through the Years

2009 | Katie at age 8
2015 | Katie at age 14
2012 | Katie at age 11
2018 | Katie at age 17

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